Welcome to BeatBuzz

BEATBUZZ bridges collaborations with tap, rhythm and melody in a new and entertaining way. The BEAT is the base percussive tap rhythm and the BUZZ is who we collaborate with.

Choreographed & performed by James Devine; Guinness World record holder for the fastest taps per second and complemented by percussionist Nick Bailey, Creator of Extreme Rhythm ensemble.

The act is directed by Denise Flynn so between the three official members of the team they each bring a level of experience and passion for performance to create this exciting and innovative act. 

It is continuously developing and remains current in the world of corporate entertainment.

With our very own style of ‘Pop-Up’ entertainment within venues, BeatBuzz adds that extra piece of up close and live interaction that works so well at any event. 


BeatBuzz Remix

‘Cosmic love’ & ‘Smooth Criminal’ winning the Event Industry award title for Best Corporate Entertainer 2015; they continuously remix modern tracks to deliver high quality arrangements for each performance.

Tap-James Devine









BeatBuzz Extreme

High impact percussion meets fast paced precision taps. Its tribal and fast as the taps mirror different styles of drumming from around the world. Energies are high, adrenaline is flowing so be prepared to be wowed by this ‘extreme rhythm’ collaboration.