What is unique or so special about Ireland?

When you travel the world promoting Irish Culture there is one question that pops up regularly in interviews or general conversation.

In an interview recorded in a small Irish bar in Baden Baden, Germany, before a performance at the Festspielhaus, Denise spoke to a local journalist about this topic.

“Everyone loves Ireland. They might be connected to Ireland through their families and past generations or hope to visit our beautiful country one day.

Irish music and culture connects us around the world. We are known for our hospitality, fabulous sense of humour and of course, Guinness.

In any of the shows I have created or developed the point where you raise a glass and say the words ‘Slainte’ which means ‘Cheers to good health’ everyone is experiencing a piece of Ireland.

It brings people together and unites any nationality with the warmth of the Irish.

This is what makes us unique and special.